Monday, May 9, 2016

First blog post....

This marks my first blog post for Blair G. Smith Interiors.  I hope my blog provides you with a little something to take away regarding the design of your own home or office.  Occasionally I will through in regular life as a way to empathize with you and add humor for everybody else doing life along with me.

First, I should give you (my readers) an idea of who I,  Blair Smith, am and how Blair G. Smith Interiors was born.  I am a wife to Taylor Smith of 8 years. I am a mother of two, precious children that are 5 and 3.  These three make everyday worth it.  Blair G. Smith is my escape from the tough stuff in life.  So my was ingrained in me with my first love for fabric.  My grandmother ,who passed this past February, instilled this in me.  She had a closet full of fabric.  We would sit every so often and pull out the entire closet.  I can still remember how it all smelled like her perfume.  We would come up with great ideas.  "Oh this would make a fabulous dress."  "Oh and this would make some great pillows for the church pew."  Side note the church pew was an antique and she used it at her kitchen table for years.  It still remains in our family and currently it sits at my own kitchen table.  Then after all our aspirations were made we would fold it all back up and put it back in the closet.  She made many things from dolls, pillows, clothes, etc. over the years.  So Nana's love for fabric soon became mine as well. Fast forward to high school and part of college I found myself working for a dear family friend at their family owned business King Cotton.  Here once more I was surrounded by my love for fabric.  After graduating from Auburn I took a job working for Ferguson selling plumbing fixtures.  Next, I worked for the former Kenny & Company, now Fixtures & Finishes.  As the opportunity rose I began working for Will & Pierce calling on my old friends at Ferguson and Kenny & Company among other plumbing wholesalers.  As the market took a turn I was laid off from Will & Pierce.  I was 5 weeks pregnant with my first child and we were building a new home.  I realize now how God made the "work or no work with a new baby" decision for me.  What a blessing.  All along my friends began to ask for help updating and styling their homes.  Another baby joined our family and I continued to help friends along the way.  Well when it rains its pours....I had a really sick Daddy and my husband found us a fabulous lot so guess what we began to build ourselves a new home.  As we began to build my husband said, "You really should start a design business."  So while building a house, with a sick Daddy I officially opened Blair G. Smith Interiors.  The timing was crazy but in my heart I knew my Daddy wouldn't make it and so badly wanted him involved in the start up. I have great memories of building this home and this company and being able to share it with him.  Hopefully that gives you idea of who I am, my background, and how Blair G. Smith Interiors was born.

Last I would like to leave you with this.  Michael Bodroo, Editor in Chief of Elle Decor wrote a great article in April's edition.  He explained that we all have different styles, incomes, and in turn different homes.  He goes on to explain that we should take pride in our homes and entertain in them.  I'd like to compound on that by saying… Let's face it a home is like your body or a car.  They always need work and maintenance.  I keep a constant list of things we could do, should do, want to do to make our home even better.  I also love to host a party.  I walk through each room and study what needs to be repaired, dusted, rearranged, etc.  Having a party keeps us both (Taylor and I) in check.  Is our home perfect?  Absolutely not but we enjoy it, work at it, and entertain in it.  It's spring so plan a party or even have a friend over for a drink before dinner.  Your friends will be glad you did!

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