Monday, June 20, 2016


  This post is a bit tardy to my plan.  We took some time off and put our toes in the sand.  It was a needed break to keep us balanced.  Balance is something we all want and need to achieve in life.  In all areas of life:  Religion, Marriage, Children, Extended Family, Business, Voluntarism, etc.  We all want balance.  We want to feel like we have given enough to each area.  It is a struggle.  A real human struggle we all face.  If we are living as we should be we are facing it on a daily basis.  It is constantly being adjusted.  Adjusted because of health, income, need, and desire.

  My children have had a few weeks out of school until their summer program kicks off.  We have worked and played.  My Daddy always taught me to work hard and play hardier and that is what we have been doing.  I have been balancing a bathroom remodel that keeps throwing new challenges at me.  It is complete and pictures are to come after we accesorize.  I have had an exterior paint job that is almost complete and the beginning of a whole house re do.  I have managed people on the weekend, meet contractors, placed signs, phone calls, texts, emails, blog writing, accounting relations, but most of all I’ve had some extra time with my little people.  They love to go to work with me when possible and today we had zoo time, lunch with Daddy, and ice cream time.  We even saw our favorite dentist while getting ice cream.  Soon my sister will be walking in for a cocktail with me so we can hash out life as we like to do.  Side note I thought she might not come because her lima beans might boil over.  Seriously!  I told her strap those suckers in the front seat and put them on the burner at my house.  It’s cocktail hour and time to hash it out.  Don’t worry she came!  Today was a great balance.  Tomorrow may not, but today was great.  I should add the bed did not get made before 5PM, shower and switching laundry out is about to be tackled.  The important things for today were accomplished, that does not mean EVERYTHING was accomplished!  But for today, today was a good balanced day.  So tomorrow when I feel pulled in 50 directions (as we all do) remind me of today.