Monday, May 23, 2016

Blog Post 5/23

“Most people won’t see it, but they will feel it.”  - Tyler

Tyler my handy made said this as we examined a tile job recently.  What does this mean you ask?  It means that selecting just the right color, the right size piece, the right fabric is important.  The is so true in the design world.  The average person may not notice a specific detail, but they can explain if the space feels open, airy, cozy, complete, exudes good craftsmanship, and even clean and organized.  They can also tell you if the bathroom just does not feel fabulous.  It may be workmanship, lighting, color, selection.  We can all feel and see the untidiness of the stack of dishes in the sink.  Not everyone can tell you why the room does not feel right, but they can feel it. 

This can carry on into so many categories of life.  Attire and the way you present yourself, cleanliness of your home, guest amenities.  Whether it is friends for dinner or a celebration with 100’s celebrating a dear friend.  Are there hand towels available?  Is the restroom clean?  Does the trash need to go out?  All this sounds silly, but it is important.  “They may not see it, but they feel it.”  They feel if they are welcome or not.  They feel if you prepared your home for them or not.  They feel if your space is complete or not. If they space is thought out and cared for or cluttered. (See last weeks post).

Paint colors and fabric for one must both be examined in different lights of the day.  I tell clients, “Keep the sample and look at it in the morning, afternoon, and night.  Colors change in different lighting and it is important to examine it in different lights.”  It is an investment in your home, your life, your friendships.  It is investment in your home because your home should be your safe place.  A place to “recharge your batteries” as Taylor says.  A place to become whole again so you can tackle the world outside.  It is an investment in life because if you can’t recharge your batteries, you can’t keep doing what you do to your absolute best ability.  Yes everyone wants to feel welcome and important enough that you cleaned and prepared for them. 

We will take our time to diligently select the perfect fabric, paint color, and accessory to make your home your recharge spot.  Your space to entertain your friends and family and invest in your own life and the life of the ones you love.

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