Monday, May 23, 2016

Blog Post 5/23

“Most people won’t see it, but they will feel it.”  - Tyler

Tyler my handy made said this as we examined a tile job recently.  What does this mean you ask?  It means that selecting just the right color, the right size piece, the right fabric is important.  The is so true in the design world.  The average person may not notice a specific detail, but they can explain if the space feels open, airy, cozy, complete, exudes good craftsmanship, and even clean and organized.  They can also tell you if the bathroom just does not feel fabulous.  It may be workmanship, lighting, color, selection.  We can all feel and see the untidiness of the stack of dishes in the sink.  Not everyone can tell you why the room does not feel right, but they can feel it. 

This can carry on into so many categories of life.  Attire and the way you present yourself, cleanliness of your home, guest amenities.  Whether it is friends for dinner or a celebration with 100’s celebrating a dear friend.  Are there hand towels available?  Is the restroom clean?  Does the trash need to go out?  All this sounds silly, but it is important.  “They may not see it, but they feel it.”  They feel if they are welcome or not.  They feel if you prepared your home for them or not.  They feel if your space is complete or not. If they space is thought out and cared for or cluttered. (See last weeks post).

Paint colors and fabric for one must both be examined in different lights of the day.  I tell clients, “Keep the sample and look at it in the morning, afternoon, and night.  Colors change in different lighting and it is important to examine it in different lights.”  It is an investment in your home, your life, your friendships.  It is investment in your home because your home should be your safe place.  A place to “recharge your batteries” as Taylor says.  A place to become whole again so you can tackle the world outside.  It is an investment in life because if you can’t recharge your batteries, you can’t keep doing what you do to your absolute best ability.  Yes everyone wants to feel welcome and important enough that you cleaned and prepared for them. 

We will take our time to diligently select the perfect fabric, paint color, and accessory to make your home your recharge spot.  Your space to entertain your friends and family and invest in your own life and the life of the ones you love.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Declutter to Design

The biggest mistake I see in my initial home visits is clutter.  The wrong item, in the wrong place just to fill the space.  I think as humans we all want a comfortable living space.  Some more full of items and others more simple, but we all want our kind of comfort.  Many of us can not live with a blank wall and so we throw something up to fill the space.  Usually it is something that has little thought, is not sentimental and most likely has little monetary value or value to the home.  I don’t fault any client for this because it is such common mistake and I understand.  I did meet a dream client (in this category, I honestly have a lot of dream clients for one reason or another).  She had lived in her home for two years.  She did not place anything just to fill a space.  In fact she said when she had company they would ask if she was about the paint.  She values putting the right item in the right place.  Therefore she will not just buy what she can afford now or through up an old handy me down.  She will patiently wait to fill the space with the right item.  As I said in my previous post I personally always have a running list.  I’ll be honest it does not sit to well with Taylor.  But it gives me goals, dreams, things to look forward to, achieve, and save for.  

When we moved in to our home a year ago we lived without drapes for three to six months including in bedrooms.  I rolled up and pinned my fashionable black, paper shades daily.  Yes black you see less from the street than white.  We also had no headboard, dust ruffle, side tables, decorative pillows and we used a queen comforter (or I did) on our king bed for six months plus.  I didn’t want the wrong thing in the wrong place. So I searched, saved, waited and the result was worth the wait.  

Back to your plan to declutter.  Set aside ten minutes a day to walk in a room and look around.  Do you love it?  Do you need it?  Is it sentimental?  If “the answer is NO, NO, NO” (sorry couldn’t help it) then it is time to get rid of it.  I do not care how whether you sell it on this trading site or that, have a garage sell or donate it….JUST GET RID OF IT.  This will provide you with a mental, fresh start and a starting point to design your home to its best ability to serve you and your family both visually and productively. 

Finally, Declutter your home and call me so we can get busy with design.

"This project was a study in editing.  What would stay, what would go.  As with any relationship, there was extra baggage that need to go." Ray Booth, Milieu Spring 2016 Issue

Monday, May 9, 2016

First blog post....

This marks my first blog post for Blair G. Smith Interiors.  I hope my blog provides you with a little something to take away regarding the design of your own home or office.  Occasionally I will through in regular life as a way to empathize with you and add humor for everybody else doing life along with me.

First, I should give you (my readers) an idea of who I,  Blair Smith, am and how Blair G. Smith Interiors was born.  I am a wife to Taylor Smith of 8 years. I am a mother of two, precious children that are 5 and 3.  These three make everyday worth it.  Blair G. Smith is my escape from the tough stuff in life.  So my was ingrained in me with my first love for fabric.  My grandmother ,who passed this past February, instilled this in me.  She had a closet full of fabric.  We would sit every so often and pull out the entire closet.  I can still remember how it all smelled like her perfume.  We would come up with great ideas.  "Oh this would make a fabulous dress."  "Oh and this would make some great pillows for the church pew."  Side note the church pew was an antique and she used it at her kitchen table for years.  It still remains in our family and currently it sits at my own kitchen table.  Then after all our aspirations were made we would fold it all back up and put it back in the closet.  She made many things from dolls, pillows, clothes, etc. over the years.  So Nana's love for fabric soon became mine as well. Fast forward to high school and part of college I found myself working for a dear family friend at their family owned business King Cotton.  Here once more I was surrounded by my love for fabric.  After graduating from Auburn I took a job working for Ferguson selling plumbing fixtures.  Next, I worked for the former Kenny & Company, now Fixtures & Finishes.  As the opportunity rose I began working for Will & Pierce calling on my old friends at Ferguson and Kenny & Company among other plumbing wholesalers.  As the market took a turn I was laid off from Will & Pierce.  I was 5 weeks pregnant with my first child and we were building a new home.  I realize now how God made the "work or no work with a new baby" decision for me.  What a blessing.  All along my friends began to ask for help updating and styling their homes.  Another baby joined our family and I continued to help friends along the way.  Well when it rains its pours....I had a really sick Daddy and my husband found us a fabulous lot so guess what we began to build ourselves a new home.  As we began to build my husband said, "You really should start a design business."  So while building a house, with a sick Daddy I officially opened Blair G. Smith Interiors.  The timing was crazy but in my heart I knew my Daddy wouldn't make it and so badly wanted him involved in the start up. I have great memories of building this home and this company and being able to share it with him.  Hopefully that gives you idea of who I am, my background, and how Blair G. Smith Interiors was born.

Last I would like to leave you with this.  Michael Bodroo, Editor in Chief of Elle Decor wrote a great article in April's edition.  He explained that we all have different styles, incomes, and in turn different homes.  He goes on to explain that we should take pride in our homes and entertain in them.  I'd like to compound on that by saying… Let's face it a home is like your body or a car.  They always need work and maintenance.  I keep a constant list of things we could do, should do, want to do to make our home even better.  I also love to host a party.  I walk through each room and study what needs to be repaired, dusted, rearranged, etc.  Having a party keeps us both (Taylor and I) in check.  Is our home perfect?  Absolutely not but we enjoy it, work at it, and entertain in it.  It's spring so plan a party or even have a friend over for a drink before dinner.  Your friends will be glad you did!